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Our Story

Justin Brewer Chef/Owner

Let's see here.

It all began when my Grandmother taught me to scramble an egg in one of those old school Teflon pans(you know the ones).

From that point on, I was hooked. Making Pot roast for family dinner, making BLT sandwiches after school and thus took hold my love for all things cooking and I didn't know it then but the kitchen slowly but surely becoming my Happy Place. Fast forward to after High school and I thought I would take a year off, as a growing majority of people my age thought was a good idea. I didn't even make it to winter before I was researching all things culinary school. The Culinary School of Fort Worth is where I was set on. 1 year crash course on everything and anything to do with restaurant life. I loved my year long studies at CSFTW and sometimes i wish I had a time machine to take me back. From then on I moved into getting my first restaurant job, I knew I wasn't going to land my dream gig right away, but I was happy to be anywhere in a kitchen. From Fast food to washing dishes to Sous Chef I'd like to think that my time in restaurants would make a nice book, but that's for another day.

Thank you for choosing Brewer Hospitality

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